The Hive: Season 1 & Other Stories

The Aliens Have Arrived, and They Are Not Friendly.

When an alien hive crashes in Spotsylvania County, VA, it's up to Amanda and her daddy to save the world.

The Hive: Season 2 & Other Stories

Amanda faces a new set of problems, including rolling hive balls, wailing banshees, and a new nemesis: Hangnail

The Hive: Season 3 & Other Stories

Winter was tough, but spring brings a whole new set of terrors: melonhead children, mad scientists, hybrid monsters, and the return of the Hive itself.

The Hive: Season 4

The series finale! Amanda and her new allies make a final push to destroy the aliens once and for all. But in order to do so, they have to invade the world of the Hive--an almost impossible task.

The Hive: The Complete Collection

All four seasons in one tome! Over six hundred pages of pure alien invasion awesomeness.


Featuring the lore, mythology, and illustrations of never-before seen hybrid creatures such as Sniders, Sceels, Squirsquitos, and other beasts whose names do not begin with the letter ‘S,’ THE ENCYLCOPÆDIA BIZARRE is better thanThe Sun Also Rises, Tender is the Night, Don Quixote, Anna Karenina, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Iliad, 1984, Candide, and every issue of Playboy from 1964-1972. The Encyclopædia Bizarre is one of the strangest, most engrossing and entertaining books TO EVER EXIST!

A Knife in the Back: Book the First of the Mad Tales Series

Seven tales of Murder and Madness and Raleigh’s Prep, a novel.

You Will Be Safe Here: Book The Second of the Mad Tales Series

Four Tales of Monsters and Mayhem and Tracker’s Travail, a novel.

Burn All The Bodies: Book The Third of the Mad Tales Series

Five Tales of Violence and Vengeance and Topher's Ton, a novel.

Mad Tales: The Complete Collection

Sixteen Short Stories and The Topher Trilogy

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