Burn All The Bodies

Another diverse collection of stories from the author of A Knife in the Back and You Will Be Safe Here.

In “Coming Home,” after the siege, Lily finds refuge in her favorite place: a pond a few miles outside of the city. There she is attacked and taken hostage by a lone enemy soldier. She thinks he’s going to kill her, but he has something else in mind.

In “It Steals Things,” years after finally escaping Partlow, Va, Ben returns to help an old friend who is going through a tough time. But Mike doesn’t want help. He wants revenge.

In “The Legacy of the Monster Diego Tomas,” an apartment building in a city deluged by the rising oceans becomes a battle zone between the last people on Earth.

And finally, in Topher’s Ton, the final chapter of the Topher Trilogy, the end of the world comes in a barrage of bombs, a rush of tsunami, and a hail of meteors. Topher, still recovering from his kidnapping by a deranged serial killer, manages to not only survive, but nearly rebuilds civilization. If it weren’t for Rasheed, the demented boy-god with a tank, or Nurse Smith, the deranged leader of a group of crazy doctors, or Liam Chris, a deranged despot seeking revenge, he might have been successful.

Included in this download:
1 .mobi (Kindle)
1 .epub

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