Mad Tales

Welcome to Mad Tales,
the omnibus edition of
The Weird Tales Trilogy by James Noll

Enter a world of terror and pain in A Knife in the Back, travel down the dark recesses of the human mind in You Will Be Safe Here, and finish the trilogy at the end of the world in Burn All The Bodies.

In Mad Tales, you get SIXTEEN short stories and THREE novels!

In Raleigh’s Prep, Topher, Michael, and Kenneth find a mangled body on the rugby field of their new school. They decide to investigate– inadvertently unleashing the horror that lurks in the woods that surrounds the campus.

Tracker’s Travail picks up their story years after their escape from Raleigh’s Prep. Arriving in Fredericksburg, Virginia just in time to stop a Class IV CZA, they quickly find themselves embroiled in various other misadventures, including freeing an elementary school from the grips of a power mad secretary, stopping a squid monster lurking in the ancient tunnels beneath the city, and coming face to face with their greatest nemesis yet: The Connoisseur. Who would have thought such a quaint little town could be so lethal?

And in Topher’s Ton, the final chapter of the Topher Trilogy, the end of the world comes in a barrage of bombs, a rush of tsunami, and a hail of meteors. Topher, still recovering from his kidnapping by a deranged serial killer, manages to not only survive, but nearly rebuilds civilization. If it weren’t for Rasheed, the demented boy-god with a tank, or Nurse Smith, the deranged leader of a group of crazy doctors, or Liam Chris, a deranged despot seeking revenge, he might have been successful.

“My favorites were ‘Beta’, regarding a remote village being terrorized by . . . something in the woods, and ‘Under the Rocks,’ which dealt with a river and the monster therein. The novella was different as well; interesting characters, quite a lot of death and gore and some twists and turns. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Noll’s work in the future!”– Robin Abess, Amazon Reviewer

“‘Beta’ was my favorite– it kept me guessing until the end and I loved the surprise ending.” Anne (w/an E), Goodreads Reviewer

Raleigh’s Prep: This was a good start to what it apparently a trilogy of books. There was a lot of action and good character development. I really enjoyed the main characters. There were several times that I found myself laughing out loud because the dialogue was so witty – something that I most definitely appreciate in a book. The monsters were fascinating (and I am far too amused by the idea of a “werepyre”, hehe!) I am interested in seeing how everything plays out.”  Ashley, Goodreads Reviewer