Coming Home

An apartment building in a city deluged by the rising oceans becomes a battle zone between the last people on Earth.

Ramon Tomas: son of the Monster. Weary of the constant struggle to live, he must now contend with rebellion lead by his sister, Marijke, leader of the mid-level Generators who are sick of Ramon’s iron-fisted rule.

Michal: Ramon’s son. Tired of a life dictated by the restraints of the building and his family name, Michal seeks escape. To do so, he must join forces with Abrafo, next in line for the chief of the Barquemen.

Gazini: Chief of the Barquemen, he is looking for any excuse to attack and take the entire building for his own.

Enjoy this special edition of “The Legacy of the Monster Diego Tomas,” and don’t forget to read the special excerpt from The Rabbit, The Jaguar, & The Snake at the end!

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1 .mobi (Kindle)
1 .epub

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