Tracker’s Travail, Book The Second In The Topher Trilogy

Tracker’s Travail picks up the story of Topher, Zorn, and Gertrude years after their escape from Raleigh’s Prep. Having survived the horror of Raleigh’s, they are now Transcendental Trackers, making their living by traveling the country and ridding the world of its supernatural filth. After being kicked out of Danville, VA, they arrive in Fredericksburg, Virginia just in time to stop a Class IV CZA (Catastrophic Zombie Apocalypse). Soon the men are embroiled in various other misadventures. They deal with a squid monster that keeps coming out of the Rappahannock and killing people. They encounter the ghost of a Confederate Civil War soldier who terrorizes them in their new home. And finally, they attract the attention of a collector whose interest in them is somewhat less than charitable. Who would have thought such a quaint little town could be so lethal?

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