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The Wounded, The Sick, The Dead 6x9 series presentation 3d covers


Praise for James Noll

“Horror, post-apocalyptic, and sci-fi fans alike should read these tales or cease referring to themselves as fans of those genres”

“Reminds me of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits”—Byron

“If you don't read A Knife in the Back, you've cheated your inner reader”

“I'm ordering more books”

“Reminds me of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. I imagine the Gunslinger would have fit in pretty well in this setting”—Dr. Gonzo

“Recommended, especially for fans of sci-fi fantasy”

“Overall, I'd recommend this book to absolutely everyone”—Mary Anne

“A must-read”

“Easily one of the best books I've ever read”

“Tense and fast-paced”

“Perfectly chilling”

“The monsters were fascinating”

“If you have not yet read A Knife in the Back, you are missing out”

“Grossman reminds me a bit of an incredibly weird neighbor I used to have. I am just glad that my neighborhood didn't go full Grossman and start shooting people from his roof. He just stuck to booby-trapping his yard.”

“There were several times that I found myself laughing out loud because the dialogue was so witty - something that I most definitely appreciate in a horror book”

“Raleigh's Prep was the highlight of this book for me. I really enjoyed the way characters were developed, and the plot kept me guessing throughout the majority of the book”

“A great read!”

“A fantastical collection of short stories and novel that gripped my senses, stole my soul, and mesmerized my mind all the while mystified by the fact that the pages turned themselves"

“I loved the surprise ending”

“A very enjoyable read, five stars to a great book and author”

“Imagine a laboratory, deep in the mountains of Virginia. A mad scientist has managed to boil down, from old manuscripts, the essences of Poe, Lovecraft, King, Steiger, James and Stoker. He mixes them one stormy night and just as lightning strikes the tube it bursts apart. As the smoke clears, we see the figure of man.

That man is Noll.

And the stories he writes take us into worlds that twist and turn.

We cautiously chuckle, lest we draw attention of some other nasty Beasty.”

“I really love James' works! This one did not disappoint in the least. I look forward to reading more from him in the future”

“The varied interests of these stories are held together by their curious natures, as well as Noll's ability to develop the story naturally with suspense and clarity. His vivid imagery also takes his stories to another level”

“This collection is truly fascinating and worth the time. Good book, lots of interesting stories, and a quick read - just right for a long flight. All of these tales are fascinating, and I will be glad to have them close at hand to reread them”

“There is a definite artistry prevalent throughout the book. I feel short story writers, interviewers and reporters could learn a great deal from James Noll. The rest of us will probably be content being entertained”

“I love the horror genre, and the book definitely interested me. I truly enjoyed all the stories in the book”

“I just happened across this one, a lucky find! Some good, bizarro stories. Well-written and enjoyable.”—Geoff




Short Stories

The Wounded, The Sick, The Dead 6x9 series presentation 3d covers


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I have them! Raleigh's Prep, The Hive (Seasons 1-4), Thirteen Tales, and The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead. 

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The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead

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