Be the star of your own horror story!

Zombie or Post-Apocalyptic Death Cult? Rappahannock River Monster or Be the Murderer? Choose your own template and whether you want to live or die. Great for holidays and gifts : )

Template Story

What You Get:

1 .mobi file (for use on Kindle devices).
1 .epub file (for use on other digital readers, like Nooks)
1 .pdf file (print ready)
1 .pdf file of the cover art
1 .jpeg file of the cover art

Premium Story

What You Get:

Everything from the Template Story PLUS Choose Three (3) Details of your own to include in the story.


What You Get:

Everything from the Premium Story PLUS the audiobook version narrated and produced by the author. (1 .mp3 and 1 .wav)

SUPER Deluxe Story ($200)

What You Get:

Everything from the Deluxe Story PLUS a song in the genre of your choice (out of three genres). (1 .mp3 and 1 .wav) is ssl certified/encrypted

The Stories

Mother Brain Zombie Clowns

A Mother Brain lands in the middle of Princess Anne Street in Fredericksburg, VA, releasing an army of zombie clowns upon the world. Whoever they bite turns into a zombie clown, too, and soon the city is overrun with Auguste zombie clowns, Rodeo zombie clowns, Harlequin zombie clowns, Dodo’s, Bozo’s, Jugglers, and Tramps. Now it’s up to you, a retired detective, and your sidekick, Zeek, to stop them. But the Mother Brain is more powerful than anybody can possibly imagine, and you will need to find its Achille’s heel in order to destroy it. Maybe something red, round, and easy to grab?

Zombie Post-Apocalypse
The Wounded, the Sick, the and Dead Ed Grimm-1

You've managed to escape zombie attacks and assaults from crazed humans alike, but nothing compares to what you have to do when faced with the indomitable Leevon Grossman. From the same world as "The Neighborhood Is Really Going To The Dead."

Rappahannock River Monster
STEPS COVER Colin Stanfill

After a long night of partying, you and your friends decide to head down to the banks of the beautiful Rappahannock River to finish out the night. That was a mistake. From the same world as "Under the Rocks."

Also available as a werewolf monster mashup!

Post-Apocalyptic Death Cult
The Deepest Cuts Cover MOLDS

It's the end of the world, and you and your friends are starving. But you've heard of a place, Salvation, that has managed to survive on its own. You only need to get in. But the citizens of Salvation don't want you there. Unless it's for one of their sacrifices. From the same world as "Salvation."

Also available as a Zombie story!

Be The Cold Blooded Murderer
STEPS COVER Colin Stanfill

You've had it with your new roommate, and it's time to do something about it. After a long night of partying, you convince her (or him) to climb up under the train bridge using the maintenance tunnel and finish out the night with a fantastic view of the Rappahannock. That was a mistake. From the same world as "Under the Rocks."

Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Adventure
The Orphan Cover

You have created the most amazing technological breakthrough since the microprocessor: a fully-functional Artificial Intelligence partially uploaded from human consciousness.

Unfortunately, you stole the gear and IP you used to create it from your employer, SingleCorp LLC.

Upon his breakthrough, you decide to celebrate at a company party thrown to kick off TechWeek, where you drunkenly tells Pete Datsun, VP of Innovation and Technology, all about what you've done.

Now Datsun is threatening to steal your invention and take it for himself.

And you are not going to let that happen. Even if it means murder.

Also included: Chapter 1 of The Rabbit, The Jaguar, & The Snake, and Chapter 1 of The Hive: Season One!

Set in the same world as The Rabbit, The Jaguar, & The Snake.

YA Sci-Fi Action/Adventure
General Konami Code Coverfront only

(Also Available For Non-YA Humans!)

One day, you and your friend, Gary, are chased by bullies into the old sewer system where you're attacked by a hybrid cyborg, a snider. You make it out, but the snider takes Gary.

Now, in order to save Gary, you have to rely on your hacking skills. That and the Barrel Arm Biceps™ the snider coughed up. The one with the old NES controller in it. The monster doesn't stand a chance.

From the same world as The Rabbit, The Jaguar, & The Snake

Alien Invasion!
Best Dog I Ever Had Customized Story

You and your dad like living in Spotsylvania, Virginia. It's a nice place. A lot of farms. A lot of land. Peaceful. At least until a massive alien hive lands on Gomer Gomez's barn, kills all his animals, and sucks Gomer inside of it when he fights back. Now it's up to you and your dad to save Gomer's widow and their kids. If only those stupid tentacles would stop shooting out and dragging people inside.

This is an excerpt from The Hive.