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Whether you're a brand new author or you've written a dozen books, at some point you're going to need an editor. I can help you plan, structure, and develop your novel or non-fiction project.

If you need a copywriter or copy editor, I provide those services as well.

Every project is different, so I offer an array of payment plans, from Pay As You Go to A' la carte. Check out my rates and options, and if you're interested, fill out the contact form below and we can set up a time to talk.

"I went into the project with an idea I thought I would write about, but [your coaching] generated so many new and novel ideas that I changed my mind."—Danny C.

I provide a FREE initial 30-minute phone consultation.

I usually suggest that new clients (especially those already working on a project) send me the first 250 words of their manuscript. I will provide a FREE critique about what works, what doesn't, along with suggestions for improvement. If you like the work, you can hire me either as an Editor or a Writing Coach.

Clients can also send me a full manuscript for a similar review. The charge for this service starts at $1,000, payable in two installations: 50% up front; 50% upon completion of the work. This also includes a single 60-minute phone consultation. Fees are non-refundable.

Writing Coach

You can choose among the five writing coach packages below. 50% of the monthly fee is due in advance, and 50% is due in the middle of the month. (A la carte must be decided in advance; pay-as-you-go is billable weekly). Fees are non-refundable. Monthly clients prefer the convenience of credit card billing, in which you authorize automatic billing each month (no checks to write and no reminders).

With any of these packages, additional reading, critique and email exchanges extending past the agreed-upon time limits are available upon request, and will be charged at $50/hour.

24-hour notice is required for cancelled coaching sessions. Missed sessions must be made up during that same calendar month or be forfeited.


Editing is not included in writing coach services. Editor Rates are $50 an hour. Editing is limited to copy and line editing and perhaps minor rewrites. Teaching/Coaching is not included in the service.

Coaching and Editing Services and Rates
(Contact me for Ghostwriting.)



Pay As You Go




A la carte

Coaching (one on one meetings, phone calls, Facetime/Google Hangout/Skype, email, text)

Flat Fee

Set up the amount of one on one meetings you want in advance.

Two (2) 30 minute sessions a month. Bimonthly.

Four (4) 30 minute sessions a month. Once a week.

Eight (8) 30-minute sessions a month. Twice a week.

You choose. Set up the amounts in advance. 

Prep time/pre-reading/development editing


Running tab of prep-time

Two (2) hours a month.

Four (4) hours a month.

Eight (8) hours a month.

You choose. Set up the amounts in advance. 

Editing (Line and Copy)


Running tab of editing time.

Editing is a separate service.

Editing is a separate service.

Editing is a separate service.

Editing is a separate service.







"Thank you so much for the help! This has been an awesome experience and I'm excited to see where it takes me!"—Danny C.

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